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Bolster Employee Referral Programs
Imagine having an efficient and smooth-running employee referral program that produces nearly 50 percent of all of your hires and that ranks No. 1 among all sources in producing quality, top-performing hires. This employee referral program may also prove to have the fastest time to fill, and surprisingly, one of the lowest cost per hire of any source. And because your employees do a great deal of the spreading of authentic brand messages, as well as the finding and assessment of prospects, the program has an added side benefit of greatly reducing the sourcing timeframe for your recruiters. Well, all ... more
Engage Hourly Employees Equal To Salaried
Hourly employees, by their very definition, may convey a sense of impermanence, with their compensation tied directly to the amount of time they work in a given week or day. But with nearly 60 percent of the workforce being paid by the hour, how can managers develop relationships that will foster a sense of loyalty and commitment to the company? “For some managers, it can be difficult to develop relationships with hourly employees, and there can be a bit of an unwritten two-tier system between [full-time] managers and hourly employees,” said Louie Shapiro, director of human resources at Hotel Nikko ... more