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Healthcare Innovation
By: Jeff Heenan-Jalil
healthcare is actually poised to become one of the most innovative fields because of its considerable capacity for growth and change, and young job seekers looking to make an impact in a transforming field need look no further.
Tips To Stay Ahead Of HR Changes
New apps, social media, nudges … we’re always trying to catch the latest trends to stay ahead of the curve and impress our clients, vendors, prospects, and more. But as I look at trends in recruiting over the last year or so, I am reminded of that saying that is so popular in both public relations and song lyrics: “everything old is new again.” Indeed, there are three trends to be on the look-out for in both recruiting and sales: Personalization, Actionable Insights, and Relevance (PAR for short). All three are proof that, really, everything old is new again. It’s ...
Collaboration In Hiring Is The Wave Of The Future
For hundreds of years, managers have owned the hiring process. However, as more firms learn the benefits of shifting away from top-down decision-making and toward a collaborative model, it’s time to rethink the manager’s sole ownership of this critical business process. In the Silicon Valley, we frequently operate under a different hiring model known as “collaborative hiring” or “team-based hiring,” which involves most members of the team in the hiring process. Collaboration Has Become the Norm Firms like Google, Facebook, and Apple demonstrated the direct connection between improving collaboration and increasing highly profitable innovation. Ever since, numerous firms from multinationals ...
Tips To Evaluate Your Digital Strategy
Social media has created new and exciting ways for companies to interact with job seekers, but sometimes progress brings pain. With so many conduits for candidates to access information about your company — social media, search engines, personal networks and all forms of user-generated content — managing an effective digital ecosystem is causing some organizations grief. Optimizing social platforms for recruiting requires more than just posting jobs on Twitter or creating a Facebook page. It’s also about understanding candidate behavior, creating timely, topical, and engaging content, and then making sure search engines can find it. Organizations that gain expertise in ...
10 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid
From the annoyance of individual discrimination charges to bet-the-company class actions, employers’ recruiting and hiring processes are fraught with legal risk. Are you guilty of any of these top 10 hiring and recruiting blunders that are committed by employers? 1: Recruiting or hiring employees using “coherent people profiles” assembled by aggregators like Spokeo. Spokeo was fined $800,000 in 2012 by the Federal Trade Commission because it gathered all kinds of data about individuals — including race, ethnic background, religion, economic status, and age ranges — and sold the information to employers who used it in making recruiting and hiring decisions. ...
Communication Is Key Throughout The Hiring Process
Recruiters have always known that good communication with hiring managers throughout the entire hiring process is necessary in order to get a position filled. It is not enough to just have a job description and an initial conversation. It is equally important to get feedback on individual resumes as they are submitted and on candidates as they are interviewed. But do hiring managers value communication with recruiters? Recruiters submit candidates who they think are qualified for the position and need to know specifically why a particular candidate is being passed over by the hiring manager. Frequently job specs change over ...
Increase Productivity While Lowering Stress In The Office
Mindfulness – being focused and fully present in the here and now – is good for individuals and good for a business’s bottom line. Google, eBay, Intel and General Mills offer classes on it. So do Harvard Business School, Ross School of Business and Claremont Graduate University, among other campuses. Mindfulness is not just a corporate trend, but a proven method for success. How can people practice it in a workplace where multitasking is the norm, and concerns for future profits can add to workplace stress? CONTINUE READING AT FORDYCELETTER.COM
Embracing The Future of Hiring
There are two types of companies when it comes hiring — those that are focused on a shortage of talent and others that believe there is enough. Which one is right? Actually, both. Focus defines strategy. Leaders who are focused on scarcity pay more attention to the reports and statistics that prove there are shortages of talent. They create strategies that operate from a belief that there aren’t enough people to fill their jobs. Their teams can often be seen scrambling for talent, never seeming to find enough. READ MORE AT ERE
Questions To Ask About Health Plan Changes
You don’t get a pass this year on big health insurance decisions because you and your employees are not shopping in an Affordable Care Act marketplace. Employer medical plans — where most working-age folks get coverage — are changing too. Rising costs, a looming tax on rich benefit packages and the idea that people should buy medical treatment the way they shop for cell phones have increased odds that workplace plans will be very different in 2015. “If there’s any year employees should pay attention to their annual enrollment material, this is probably the year,” said Brian Marcotte, CEO of ...
Appealing To Candidates In A Prospects' Market
The war for talent is real. According to the U.S. Labor Department’s recent Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, there are currently around 5.8 million job openings — a series high. Couple that with a declining unemployment rate, which currently hovers at 5.1%, and you get the perfect recipe for a candidate's job market. Employers are finding the recipe more difficult to follow when seeking top performers, especially if the company is missing an ingredient or two — like awesome culture. Rethinking how you appeal to candidates is crucial as the landscape continues to change. Here are some tips. READ ...