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Maintaining Company Reputation Is Key
What’s the cost of a poor corporate reputation? Quite a bit, at least in terms of talent acquisition. Companies like Toyota Motor Co. and energy giant BP may still be able to hire talented workers, but they’ll have to pay them significantly more than others that have never been the subject of criminal investigations. A survey sponsored by global recruitment firm Alexander Mann found that a damaged corporate reputation won’t keep workers from hiring on — 70 percent said they’d take a job — but the salary bump would have to be better than 53 percent. Contrast that with the ...
Reasons Your Company Isn't Attracting The Right Talent
There were 8.3 million unemployed people at the end of last summer, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Though that number is down from 2014, the skills needed to fill positions don’t align with what job seekers have to offer — or if they do, employers aren’t finding the right matches fast enough to let the unemployment rate settle down. Companies are suffering, too. The longer positions sit open, productivity loss increases and more burdens lie with the rest of the team. In order to piece the hiring puzzle together more efficiently and stop wondering why your company is ...