Collaboration In Hiring Is The Wave Of The Future

Collaboration In Hiring Is The Wave Of The Future

For hundreds of years, managers have owned the hiring process. However, as more firms learn the benefits of shifting away from top-down decision-making and toward a collaborative model, it’s time to rethink the manager’s sole ownership of this critical business process.

In the Silicon Valley, we frequently operate under a different hiring model known as “collaborative hiring” or “team-based hiring,” which involves most members of the team in the hiring process.

Collaboration Has Become the Norm

Firms like Google, Facebook, and Apple demonstrated the direct connection between improving collaboration and increasing highly profitable innovation. Ever since, numerous firms from multinationals down to startups have added collaboration to their business processes. In order to create a culture of collaboration, these firms have adopted approaches like transparency, team-based goal setting, 360° feedback, and team decision-making. But unfortunately, the traditional manager-dominated hiring model does not include collaboration.