Tips To Evaluate Your Digital Strategy

Tips To Evaluate Your Digital Strategy

Social media has created new and exciting ways for companies to interact with job seekers, but sometimes progress brings pain. With so many conduits for candidates to access information about your company — social media, search engines, personal networks and all forms of user-generated content — managing an effective digital ecosystem is causing some organizations grief.

Optimizing social platforms for recruiting requires more than just posting jobs on Twitter or creating a Facebook page. It’s also about understanding candidate behavior, creating timely, topical, and engaging content, and then making sure search engines can find it. Organizations that gain expertise in search strategy, understand candidate behavior and deliver content that motivates candidates to action can find success and convert digital pain to digital gain.

As your company amps up its social recruiting efforts, powering through learning curves requires understanding the sources of your organization’s pain and how to alleviate them.

Here are some tips for how to diagnose some of the common problems you may be experiencing – and how to fix them: